My Birth Story.

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Eva Harlow Anne PowellΒ 


I am writing this little post for you a week and 3 days after giving birth to our little Eva and it literally feels like 2 minutes a go that we were on our way to the hospital. Crazy how time flies when your having fun! I honestly can’t believe that I’ve been a mummy for nearly 2 weeks now.

Everyone always asks ‘how was labour?’ so I decided to share my story with you all…

In all honesty I spent the last few months of my pregnancy absolutely dreading the thought of giving birth, I think it was the unknown that scared me the most. Because of this I’d banned all episodes of One Born Every Minute (Rosie!) and when people were kindly telling me their birth stories I would just shut off. However now that I am at the other side of it all looking back at my experience whilst I’m snug on the sofa with my little mouse, I can honestly say what an amazing experience it was. I was very lucky in the fact that I had the birth that I had planned for which was a water birth in the Meadow Suite at Worcester Hospital.

I was 5 days over due and I was woken in the early hours of the morning on the 4th of November with period pains and tightening across my tummy which when I timed was happening every 10 minutes for about 30 seconds. I woke Sean up and text my mum, it was finally happening! Our little baby was coming!

For the next 7 hours I spent my time walking around the house with a TENS machine on my back as my midwife had previously told me that it’s best to stay upright and active throughout labour as it speeds things up and helps the baby to stay in the correct position. By this time my contractions were every 7 minutes but I was comfortable and only in slight pain with every contraction.

Around 2.30pm Sean rang the Hospital just to make sure we were doing the right thing by still being at home as my contractions were now every 4 minutes and lasting for around 1 minute to 1 minute and 30 seconds. The midwife told Sean I was ‘well on my way’ and to try stay at home for a little longer until my contractions were every 2-3 minutes. After the phone call I decided to have a hot shower, this really helped me manage the pain as my contractions were getting a lot stronger.

I lasted until 4pm when I made Sean ring the midwife again at the meadow suite to ask her if we could come in. My contractions were now every 2 minutes lasting for 1 minute 30 and the TENS machine was doing nothing for my pain anymore. I was so happy when Sean said we could start making our way to the hospital.

It was 4:30pm when we arrived into the labour ward and I was given my own room with a birthing pool straight away.

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My Midwife, Rebecca was absolutely amazing! She examined me as soon as we got settled in the room and I was 6cm dilated. She then scurried off saying ‘I best get filling up the tub.’ We also discussed my options for pain relief in which she gave me 2 co-codamol and told me when I entered the pool I could have gas and air when I wanted.

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The pool felt amazing! It was lovely and warm and I was surprised with how much it helped me through my contractions. At around 6.30pm I felt my waters break and at 6.55pm our beautiful little girl was born. I burst into tears, nothing can ever prepare you for that amazing moment when you meet your little baby after what feels like a lifetime of having them in your tummy. The rush of love that comes over you makes every pain, ache and yes tear all worth it.

November the 4th was honestly the best day ever and I spent our first night together just staring at my beautiful baby and thinking what an amazing job my body had done.


Eva Harlow Anne Powell born at 6.55pm on the 4th November 2017 weighing 7lb2oz… I couldn’t love her more if I even tried.

Amy x


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